C1: Connect to God Through Worship:
This is the first step that is often intimidating. Choosing to get up and go to a building you have never been to before and worship with people you do not know takes an individual, or family, to make a mental, emotional, and spiritual decision.
You must understand and believe these two things.  One: God wants and deserves to be worshiped by those He has created. Two: we want you here with us as we connect to God through worship. Our hope is that God will lead you to be a part of our family at Puryear Baptist Church. 
To help you in making this first step, you can watch a worship service online to see what will happen during a worship service, and you can contact our pastor and set up an appointment to visit the church building to get to know the layout, and ask any questions that you may have.
Go to the menu above to find our contact information. We are her to help you connect.