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All children ministries and activities are on hold at this time due to the Covid-19 Pandemic


Children’s Program:

Opportunities for children include Sunday school, Kid’s Superchurch, and the Awana program. Each one provides instruction from the Bible so that the children can grow in knowledge and understanding about God and the world in which they live.


Sunday School:

On Sunday mornings, at 9:00 AM, everyone meets for coffee, doughnuts, milk, and juice in the fellowship hall, and then Sunday school is at 9:15 AM. The children’s classes are divided by age groups. Currently we have a 1st-4th grade class and a 5th-6th grade class on Sunday morning. As we grow, they will be divided into more age specific classes.


Kids Super Church:

10:00 AM, Sunday Mornings

The Kid’s Super Church is a large group worship experience for 4-9 year old children. The children worship the Lord through music, prayer, and creative Bible study with puppets, skits, and special, surprise guest characters.

The children get points through attendance, bringing their bibles, and participation. They in turn can use these points to purchase items from the Kid’s Super Church Store.

This ministry helps children experience worship on their level. It is high paced and interactive. The children will not only have fun, but will grow spiritually from experiencing God through this genuine worship experience.

If your family is looking for a place to worship and a loving environment where you can grow spiritually, we would love for you to come and worship with us. Your children will look forward to Sunday mornings once they experience Kid’s Super Church.



The Awana program also divides the children into age groups, and it is a high-energy program full of fast-paced games designed to keep the little ones busy. Awana guides the children through a program of Bible verse memorization. It is amazing what the children can recall week after week. Awana is designed for preschoolers to 6th graders. This program starts on the first Wednesday of September after the week of Labor Day, and follows the Henry County School schedule. Time runs from 6:00-8:00 PM.

Need more information about the youth program, please contact Bro. Michael Lawrence at,


270-703-9268 Cell